Mongo Admin

Simple tree browsing

It is very simple and intuitive. You have a tree on your left with all your databases and their collections. Click on a collection to see it's contents on the grid from the right.

Dynamic document viewing

Click on a document from the grid and see it on the bottom panel. Check the syntax coloring and expanding or collapsing the sub-documents.

Useful context menus

Just right click anywhere if you need to do something. A dynamic menu will help you take the desired action on the selected items.

Create queries fast

If you need to find all the documents with the same field value just right-click on that field from the document and choose quick query. It will automatically create a query for that field and execute it. You may also create more complex queries using the build query menu.

It's free and opened source

You can also find the project on sourceforge. You may freely download it from there or from the home website. You may also modify it as you like to suit your needs or work style. It's very easy!

Try Mongo Admin now

Check out these amazing features!
See if it fits your needs:
  • Slick look and easy to use
  • Database and collection browser
  • Dynamic document viewing
  • Syntax coloring
  • Quick query builder
  • Import/export databases
Cross platform compatible
You may install it as a web server and access it from anywhere. You can also download and install the desktop version for Windows and pin it to your task bar for easy access.
It's free
Download it now
The opened source license is free to use for personal or commercial use. Try it now, it's simple to download and install. If you like it and you are willing to support the project, maybe you will make a small donation.