Mongo Admin



The web application is done in PHP with apache. The apache requires the mod_rewrite module and allow override of .htaccess file. PHP version 5.3 or higher is required, and the Mongo module available.

The Desktop application comes with all it's requirements in the installer. No other requirements needed.


To install the Web version, download the archive and untar it to a location apache can reach. Check the Config/logger.php file and make sure that apache can write in the file specified there, or comment out the line if you don't want any logs.

For the Desktop version, the Setup will install the application to the location of your choice. After installation you may run the application directly.


If you have any problems running the application, first check if apache or the application has the right to write to the log file. Also check if the requirements are met.

For update to work, apache or the running application must have the right to write in the folder where it's installed.

Import/export of databases is working for the desktop application since version 0.5.8.

If you have any errors or the application simply doesn't work, first check the logs and see what the problem is. The Config/logger.php file has the log path.